Missile Protection Methods, Hit to Kill Ratios, and UAV Survivability

First I want to make an announcement:

“Governments Quantity One Job is to Shield the Individuals”

So then listed here are some ideas on Missile Protection Methods and Hit to Kill ratios and UAV Survivability. Consider these concepts as a subject opener remark and thought.

Let’s talk about utilizing outdated know-how and flight traits of antiquated flying objects and birds and bugs to make it tough to hit within the case of an offense rebuttal and reciprocal response to an ICBM being launched in opposition to us. I imagine that an object which flies randomly throughout flight like a butterfly could also be more durable to hit, shoot down or catch. That is vital for UAV survivability and understanding how one can shoot down older know-how in SAMs, older ICBM, SCUD missiles and different onerous weapons and even the now historic V-1 and V-2 rockets UAV consulting.

Understanding these traits and realizing our capabilities will even assist us obtain increased kill ratios in missile protection methods to guard the American Individuals and our allies if not all the free world finally. Missile Protection methods and hit to kill ratios elevated by use of science; Due to this fact the perfect weapon would have a random vertical fin with it’s personal algorithm that might osolate and never permit an ample repair on itself by the search and destroy air to air kill projectile. It is a downside with a primitive V-1 or V-2 sort rocket or the later SCUD missiles, the outdated know-how will wobble in flight and due to this fact is un predictable and can be more durable to hit. We should develop offensive weapons which search random traits and supply innate tendencies of unpredictability and due to this fact you’ve a weapon that can not be hit as straightforward. As an illustration a direct hit can be much less possible. With wobbling flight traits. Similar to a stinger or patriot floor to air handheld or from small launch automobile can be unable to hit it straight.

Defensive weapons, which solely must be shut, like in hand grenades or horseshoes can attain ample shoot and kill ratios and rating direct hits with far superior accuracy. Protection weapons solely must explode in entrance of such a random flying goal with a scattered group of projectiles, which explode on impression. Nano know-how can do that much like the flying mechanical bugs with explosives we will now put on the finish of a runway they usually get caught within the jet intakes of the enemy on take off. Additionally such know-how will be added to unmanned submarines and surveillance plane to make them more durable to hit as a goal. In spite of everything have you ever ever tried to get away from an alligator? Are you aware why bunnies run zigzag? Why squirrels have begin and cease patterns? Why the free security can not catch a operating again? Give it some thought.

Change the flight traits and patterns to algorithms, which change like they do in safety community software program. A saying we had in soccer, when requested by the opposite group what our play was. We have no idea precisely however the remaining contact of the ball can be in the direction of the open aim line and it solely objective is to attain. And this is the reason we by no means misplaced a recreation, solely typically we ran out of time. Give it some thought, who cares how lengthy it takes to get to the goal, so long as the goal is destroyed? (Offensive mission assertion and state of affairs).

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